Welcome to the Web Site of IWU Fulda

International Winter University January 11 - 30, 2021

Dear participants, Welcome to IWU Fulda.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our beautiful baroque city. Join us in 2020 and enjoy an unforgettable winter interim together with students from around the globe.


The program consists of:

  • seminars (in English) in:
    • Culture and Society
    • Art and Society
    • Culture and Politics
  • German language courses (all levels)
  • an introduction to German culture (history, politics, economy, music, art, cinema, and company visits)
  • field trips to Berlin, Würzburg, Nuremberg, Kreuzberg and a cold war memorial site
  • extracurricular activities such as dance, cooking with German recipes, and sports.

Childcare can be provided.

IWU is a joint project sponsored by Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences, a publicly funded institution of higher education.

Our target group: Undergraduate and graduate students – those who are interested in global questions of Culture,Society and Economics and who would like to learn the German language or improve their language skills.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schittny and Judith Geißler
(Academic Director) (Director)